Suffering from knee arthritis? 4 reasons you should be a physical therapy regular

Approximately 14 million people in the U.S. have knee arthritis. This condition is also known as knee osteoarthritis. That’s 14 million just counting those who have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Research has shown that the current number of people who have arthritis in their knees has just about doubled since 1940.

These staggering statistics indicate a prevalence of knee problems and subsequently, treatment, in the U.S. When left untreated, knee conditions have the potential to seriously impact a person’s daily routine. It can make even simple tasks and movements, like walking or sitting up, feel hard to complete.

That’s why getting treatment from professionals, like physical therapists, is a good idea. Physical therapy specialists can address the cause of a knee condition. Then, they can come up with a strategic action plan to address the condition for improved quality of life.

What are some of the symptoms of knee arthritis?

There are a few different symptoms that could indicate the presence of knee arthritis. Someone with osteoarthritis in their joints might experience popping, clicking or creaking noises coming from their knee. They might have a hard time walking without feeling pain in their knee. Patients with this condition might also feel stiffness in their joints that makes it hard to move. Some more noticeable symptoms include redness, swelling, and feeling like the skin is warmer than normal.

What are some of the causes of knee arthritis?

If you have knee arthritis, it could be caused by a few different things. Here are some of the most common causes of knee arthritis: 

  • Family history — Osteoarthritis in the knee can be connected to family genetics. Do you know of someone in your family who had arthritis in their knee? You may have a higher risk of developing it yourself.

  • Aging — Aging is another risk factor for knee arthritis. Older adults are more likely to develop osteoarthritis in their knees and other joints, making it painful to move and getting more severe the older they get.

  • Excess body weight — People who are overweight or carry extra body weight have a higher risk of developing joint inflammation as well. The excess body weight can place strain on the joints and, over time, create chronic inflammation and pain, especially in the knees.

  • Abnormalities at birth — Abnormal bone formation at birth is another potential cause of knee arthritis. Unusual or abnormal bone structure can lead to problems with pain and inflammation in the future.

  • Injuries — If you have injured your knee in the past, you may also be at risk of developing arthritis in your knee. Injuries may sometimes fail to properly heal all the way and lead to chronic arthritis.

  • Repetitive strain and overuse — If you frequently perform repetitive activities or have a job that requires you to make repeated movements and lift heavy objects, you may also have a higher risk.

What are some of the reasons that knee arthritis sufferers should see a physical therapist regularly?

Physical therapy can be an effective treatment method for arthritis sufferers. It typically is used to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected joints with the end goal of improving quality of life. Here are four reasons to see a physical therapist for knee arthritis treatment:

  • To reduce swelling — One of the benefits of physical therapy is that it can help reduce swelling in your knee joint. Physical therapists can use a series of carefully planned exercises and gentle movements to move your knee joint in a manner that decreases swelling and inflammation.

  • To mobilize the joint — During regular visits with a physical therapist, you may undergo joint mobilization. This is a technique used to promote movement in your joints that have become stiff and hard to move.

  • To decrease pain — Another benefit of seeing a physical therapist regularly is that it can gradually decrease your pain levels. The exercises and movements facilitated by your therapist can not only reduce swelling and mobilize the joint, they can also reduce your pain. Arthritis symptoms like pain and stiffness can improve with regular movement.
  • To increase strength around the joint — Regular sessions with a physical therapist will help you increase the strength of the muscles around your joints. This can help protect your joints from future injury or damage.

Let Lattimore PT help you get the right physical therapy care for your knee pain or arthritis

Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network first got its start in 1992. John and Cindy Shuman, husband and wife, first launched their own physical therapy practice with the aim to improve the quality of life of each member of their community. Since 1992, Lattimore PT has opened nearly 30 locations across New York.

Our team of talented physical therapists spread across the state is dedicated to understanding the treatment that works best for you. We specialize in taking a hands-on, interactive approach with each of our patients to provide them with the best care possible. We love to see our patients thrive, which is why we’ll do as much as we can to help get them to that point. The physical therapists at each of our Lattimore locations take pride in their work and do their best to come to the clinic each day with a smiling face. We aim to make each physical therapy session enjoyable yet productive. The ultimate mark of success, to us, is a patient who feels positively impacted by our work. Are you ready to experience “the Lattimore way”?

You should feel encouraged to seek out physical therapy treatment knowing that it can potentially improve your symptoms and make you more comfortable performing daily activities. If the reasons mentioned above aren’t enough to convince you, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our physical therapy specialists for more information.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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