Direct & Digital Marketing

Physical therapy marketing campaigns see the best results when they’re handled by professionals. Our marketing partners use digital and direct strategies to connect with the people who need your services most — and to fill your schedule with appointments.

Digital Marketing

The internet is one of the most valuable marketing tools for physical therapy clinics. Roughly 77% of health care patients start their patient journey on a search engine, and 71% of patients say they’ll search for a new provider if the website is lacking information. Our digital marketing experts ensure that potential clients can find your practice and schedule an appointment at the click of a button.

We handle it all, from setting up your Google My Business profile to publishing SEO content that drives qualified leads to your website. Our marketing team builds data-informed strategies to ensure that you’re connecting with the people who need your services most, and we’ll report back to you to show you the progress of each marketing campaign.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing lets you connect with your customers the old-fashioned way: with printed products that communicate your brand’s mission and values. Our marketing experts can support your business development by supplying collateral materials that you can give doctors and patients. From writing copy to designing layouts to managing the production process, we’ll supply the marketing.

Partner Relationship Management

Our partner relationship management (PRM) system helps you to understand how your partnership with Alliance is benefiting your business. We track the performance of our marketing campaigns so you can see just how many leads and conversions our team is generating for your business. We also manage all vendor relationships, allowing you to market your business hands-free.

Leverage our strengths to better utilize yours.

As a physical therapist, your expertise is working with patients to help them achieve long-term health benefits. At Alliance, our expertise is creating physical therapy marketing strategies and solutions to help more patients. Together, we’re better.

Joining Alliance is the first step toward reaping the rewards you truly deserve.

All our services have one goal in mind — to reduce your administrative workload and give you the freedom to lead your practice. We’ll help you bring patients in the door, and you can provide the care they need.

Contact us to learn more about joining our Alliance.

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