4 Tips To Get You Back to Your Favorite Summer Activities


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The arrival of warmer weather means it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy all of those fun activities that summer in Rochester brings – days at the lake, barbecues, picnics, sports, and more! While it’s great to increase physical activity, you will want to be sure to avoid any injuries to your body. Here are 4 tips to avoid injuries and ensure a safe, healthy summer.

1. Start Off Slow and Steady

With an active lifestyle, it is hard to accept any pain holding you back. But doing too much can lead to pain and injury if your body isn’t ready for that intense physical activity. Ease your way into physical activities. Once your body has adjusted you can gradually increase your activity. This will help your muscles and bones adapt to the physical activities you love and prevent pain or injury.

2. Don’t Over Do It

It’s good to know your limits, especially when easing back into physical activity. Don’t push yourself too hard at first. This can lead to back pain, sore muscles and minor injuries that can limit your mobility for a period of time. Set smaller goals for yourself that you can achieve over time. While we all want to push ourselves to achieve goals, we don’t want to get any injuries from pushing our bodies too hard.


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3. Listen To Your Body

Be aware of what your body is telling you and how it feels. As you become more active over time, pay attention to any soreness, muscle strains or other symptoms. Constant aches and pains could lead to deeper issues that should be addressed before it gets worse. The last thing you want to do is ignore the pain that could lead to suffering a worse injury. The worst thing you can do is ignore aches and pains, so call Lattimore if you are experiencing any pain.


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4. Call Lattimore Physical Therapy

We are here to help you with any pain you may be experiencing. Getting regular PT can help you stay stronger so that you can be active longer. Give any of our 25 locations a call to make an appointment.


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The Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network was founded by Physical Therapists John and Cindy Shuman in 1992. Since then Lattimore has grown to 20+ locations in 4 different counties.

What’s unique about Lattimore is our patient experience. We tailor your 1:1 treatment around your individual needs, conditions and goals. With us, you’re more than just a number. You’re a member of our local community and we’re invested in your success. Call 1–888-PT ROCHS to experience The Lattimore Way!

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